Welcome to the Phantom 2 Vision+ Drone

November 17, 2014

This week we have added a Phantom 2 Vision+ drone camera to our equipment list and I have to say, we’re quite excited about it. Our drone is the latest Phantom model from DJI to market which has been made easier to fly and was specifically designed with video producers in mind.




It doesn’t seem long ago we would have had to use the services of a helicopter to get aerial footage, however drones can get the same shot, often smoother, closer and for a fraction of the cost.






As drones become increasingly popular, the improvements to them are staggering. The Phantom 2 Vision+ has features such as a 3D axis gimbal for improved stabilisation and with updated rotors, can withstand winds up to 45-50km/h and the inbuilt camera takes higher resolution photos than a GoPro. I like the fact the built in camera uses the same battery as the drone itself so there are no issues with separate batteries for drone and camera.