Keeping Connected - Let's Talk

September 15, 2015




It’s important to us to keep connected with you. In fact, we like you! We like hearing about what interests you, we enjoy seeing your responses to videos we have made, we like to answer your questions (yes even the tricky ones), and we like the conversations that we have. In order to keep connected as best as we can, we have several online platforms that we primarily use. Of course, we ALWAYS welcome a phone call or face to face meeting – but understand that in this busy day and age, it’s not the only way to keep in touch.


So do you know where we are online? Here’s a list so we can keep connected.




This is where you’ll find our contact details, videos that we have done, voice over demos and more. You’ll sometimes find specials or promotions on this page so it pays to check in every so often. Our blogs are also on this page and are packed with useful information. A good one to start with is “Bang for Buck. Making Your Video Work For You".




Our Facebook page is where we share all sorts of different things. Sometimes it’s a video that we’ve made, sometimes it’s a video that someone else has made. We often share behind the scenes photos, funny pics or interesting thoughts. We would love for you to join in the conversation, so please don’t be shy!




Many of the videos that we have produced end up on our Youtube channel. Subscribing to our channel means you’ll often get a sneak preview of videos before they’ve even been shared on