Our Dream Culture - Getting To Know Us

February 28, 2016

Warning: This blog contains footage from the archives that you'll really want to see.


One of the most common things that people ask us is about how we came to be video producers. And to be honest, we love this question. It’s an opportunity for us to tell our story, to share our heart and to pass on a little bit about why our faith has played such an important part of our story.


One day we’ll produce a video to share our story – but for now we’re busy making your videos to tell your stories– and we’re all good with that!


Andy was brought up in a family that always loved the screen. It was an important part of family life to record life on film. It is fun even now to go back through old family movies of childhood holidays and to see relatives from days gone by. In the boxes in the attic, there can even be found an original Mickey Mouse silent movie on a big ole film wheel. That's pretty special. 


To Dear Wynne,

Although some old films seen on television seem outdated by today's standards, we must not forget the pleasure that the "pictures" gave to us many years ago when we were young and they were the premier amusement of the time. May your browse through this volume bring back many nostalgic memories of happy Saturday nights spent at the "local" cinema and a recollection of actors and actresses for whom we had great affection in our youth.

A very happy seventh wedding anniversary.

Love from Doug

(1973 - penned by Andy's Grandfather)


Way back in the day (somewhere in the 90s) Andy went off to Lifeway College to follow his childhood dream by studying for a Television & Media Certificate. The class of students created ads for television, promotional & safety videos and a documentary series as well as improving and honing their video skills. It was all a bit different back then. They would spend hours meticulously editing, on a linear system, video tapes for their video projects. Ah, the days of VHS.


During his time there, Andy was trained in voiceover and presenting skills by the likes of Rob Harley and Wayne Douglas who were and still are, well respected in their field.


After the course finished, Andy continued on for a few more years at Lifeway as they set up a local television station called “Family Television Network”.  Andy became the news anchor and continued to learn every aspect of television life. Due to the journalistic nature of the station, Andy became well trained in how to frame questions in order to draw out the best responses from those he was interviewing.


For your viewing pleasure (entertainment) watch this short video of Andy’s early days in television. When our kids watched this they asked if he was wearing a wig.



Andy’s mid-twenties saw a change of tack. Almost by accident he ended up working in a customer services role at The National Bank of NZ. As the years went by, he worked his way up to being a Business Banking Manager which saw him working closely with businesses of all shapes and sizes. He attended courses and began to well understand what is important to local business. Time went on and Andy became Branch Manager. Throughout this time Andy used his video skills for completing presentations and honed his presenting skills through the local Toastmasters.


His time at the bank was where he made the best decision of his life – to marry the amazing, beautiful and intelligent Sarah (who also worked at the bank). Ok – yes – this is Sarah writing. Sarah’s background in banking equipped her with sound administrative and financial skills which were to be of great value as they moved ahead.


Around the time of having their 3rd child (the first girl in nearly 100 years of Galbraiths), Andy and Sarah started noticing a theme in their lives – of getting back to what you’re passionate about.


Having all but given up the dream of video production (al