One Video. Lots of Ways.

March 16, 2016

Leading up to Easter this year we’ve had a real opportunity to practice what we preach! We have been running one of our biggest campaigns to date and we want to share with you how we’ve used the same video in multiple ways to create a cohesive message in keeping with our brand.


Firstly - Facebook

It always starts with Facebook doesn’t it! This is where people are hanging out, watching videos, sharing competitions, and joining in the fun.


We created a very simple and fairly short video for our Easter Egg Hunt. Because this video is designed to be shared on an auto-play platform the audio is not so important as the images on the screen. They are visually appealing, emotive and the contemporary style of text give the details of the promotion.


Secondly - Facebook Banner

In order to keep our campaign message consistent, we have used a cute screen shot from the video footage to use as our Facebook banner.