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Tips For Trade Show Videos

Whether you’re a small business or a large business, chances are you’ll be looking at participating in a Trade Show in the near future.

With space often being limited, we are frequently asked about the best ways to utilise video as part of a trade show exhibit.

Here are some of our tips for using video as part of your Trade Show strategy.

Think ahead. It takes time to plan, shoot and edit a video. Make sure you leave enough time for your video to be produced and look it’s best.

When shooting your video think multi purpose. With clever planning footage can be shot that will work across multiple platforms (social media, trade show, website, email, cinema etc). It’s a great idea to think about putting out some teasers ahead of time to your email list or social media pages to whet your visitor’s appetite for your product and make sure they want to see more.

At the Trade Show it will almost certainly be noisy! For your tradeshow video, ensure it is visually attractive in showcasing your product. This is what will keep your visitors engaged while they wait for you to become available. Interviews, voiceovers or music will rarely be heard so make sure these are not the feature of your video.

It’s ok to have a short video. The average attention span of your audience for a video at a trade show is 15 seconds! There's so much to see, it's too noisy to concentrate much longer and their feet are sore. By repeating the same short message over and over you have more chance of your audience getting that message no matter when they happen to be watching.

Set your TV at head height. This way it will be easily seen as visitors scan the exhibits and can be seen from further away - catching the eye and attracting attention to your stand.

Showcase what you can’t see at the Trade Show. Show off how your product or service and how it works in it’s real environment. You can use your video to show close ups, behind the scenes, or to demonstrate the features and benefits.

Bookend your video with your logo – don't put your contact details up – you're there, you're contactable. If your video is on a loop, having the same logo at beginning and end creates a seamless transition.

Check your TV settings before hand. Most TVs will have a USB input where you can set your video to loop. If it doesn’t have this option you’ll need to consider alternative ways to loop your video.

When you follow up your Trade Show contacts, make sure to include a video that will remind them of how awesome your product was and is. Incorporate audio into this video as testimonials, voiceover or a piece by you will give it the personal touch and you’ll be able to reinforce a call to action.

Here's an example of a video that is made for trade shows and in-store. It has a voiceover - but the visuals are strong enough that the sound can be completely off and still communicate it's message effectively.

Make sure to set your Youtube settings to High Definition (1080p).

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