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Social Media. Love it or hate it?

I'm a bit of a social media junkie. I love to "like" posts on Facebook, I keep up to date on Instagram and I enjoy following my favourite shows on Twitter. And yes, I multiscreen all the time!

I know however, that not everyone is comfortable with the age of online, social interaction. Some of you will use Linkedin - only because it is good business practice, and you will never, ever, not in a million years, use Facebook or Twitter or #godforbidit use a #hashtag!

All that aside, a good starting point for a social media novice, is Facebook. In our neck of the woods, Facebook is the primary social media platform. In fact, *Facebook attracts approximately 7 times the engagement that Twitter does. Wow! The value for a business from building a good Facebook page is worth it. Social media interactions not only can help build your brand for little or no cost, it helps in the formation of relationships with people and with that often, a sense of trust. It might be true that not all of your interactors are potential customers, but their friends might be. And this is the beauty of social reach.

A client of ours has a small business as a midwife. She doesn't have a requirement for a fancy website or even Yellow Pages advertising.

Helen Bakker Midwife

What she has done is to create an engaging Facebook page where she shares her testimonial video (see below) on a regular basis and asks her followers to do the same. She receives further testimonials and recommendations, she entertains her followers with funny posts and pictures that she has come across, and posts helpful and informative information. She is building her brand as a trustworthy and relational person. The result? Business. New business!

So what are you waiting for? Get out there. Get to know your social community. You never know, you just might find it enjoyable yourself!

If you have no idea where to start, or the whole concept really freaks you out, ask for help. Almost any teenager will be able to help you get started, and we are ALWAYS happy to help.

You may also find it helpful to follow a couple of pages for great advice and inspiration such as:

Author: Sarah Galbraith

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