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Bang for Buck. Making your Video Work for You!

So you’ve taken the first step, invested some money and had a video produced for the good of your business and organisation. You know that it is a valuable investment, lasting the test of time and useable across many platforms. The question remains though…. how can I get people to watch my video?

We have seen many organisations have excellent videos made. They have a clear message or story, they are engaging and informative, and should be an incredibly effective advertising tool. However, having a video without people watching it is the same as having a fancy flyer and keeping it in the cupboard. For it to be effective, it needs to be seen.

We’ve compiled a list to help get that video out there, to ensure it is doing the job it was created for: to communicate your message, your brand and to be an effective advertising tool.

"To get a video seen and heard is low cost, simple and effective.

Win, win, win!"

#1 Embed your video on the Home Page of your website. Google owns Youtube and Google loves home page videos!

#2 Use online advertising. Facebook and Youtube advertising may be a lot cheaper than you think. Use your video as the ad. Even promoting your post on Facebook for a small amount may mean an extra 2000 people view your post.

#3 Send out marketing emails and use the word “video” in the subject line. Open rates are proven to increase dramatically.

#4 Don’t clutter your emails with words. Let the video do the talking for you. Keep it simple and inviting…ie “Watch this video to see how much time *ABC* product can save you in your business”. Or “Click play to see how easy *ABC* product is to apply.

#5 Embed/paste your Youtube link on as many sites as you can. Include it in business directories (many of which are free), Yellow pages etc. Ask other businesses that you might work with to put it on their website with a link to your website.

#6 Tell clients where they can find your video. Make it easy for them to find and watch again and again.

#7 Use your video at Trade Shows. If you are busy talking to someone else, your video can do the work for you and keep people engaged while they wait.

#8 Share your video on social media and ask others to share it too. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Blogs, Pinterest and Google + are just some of the social platforms that you can use.

#9 Upload directly to your Facebook post as it will now play automatically.

#10 Text the link to your video to customers. Smartphones are making video easy for consumers to watch. Your video can’t be any easier to find and watch than from a text!

#11 Use QR Codes to link to your video or website page on correspondence or flyers.

#12 Play your video in your retail window or in-store to show your product in action, not just sitting on a shelf.

#13 Have Bullseye Productions NZ edit a shorter version of your video for cinema advertising.

#14 Ask other businesses if they will show your video in their lobby or waiting areas.

#15 Embed your video in your blog.

#16 Make sure you are using relevant search tags in your YouTube settings.

If you have any other ideas that you've found to be effective we would love you to share them in the comments below!

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