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Why To "How To"

When a business is thinking about where to invest their video marketing budget, it is well worth considering producing a series of “How To” videos.

Here’s a personal experience of ours that you can probably relate to.

A couple of years ago we bought a new tent for our summer camping holidays. It was one of those big, glorious canvas tents, huge enough to fit our family of 5 plus any extras we wanted to bring along on our summer adventures that we had planned for the coming years. One might call camping in our tent glamping rather than camping – and we love it!

It arrived on a truck (yes it was that big), and Andy and I eagerly set about setting it up in our small front yard. With the trampoline and swing set tucked to the side we spread out the tent and proceeded to follow the instructions (which were well written and relatively easy to follow by the way). But what happened? We got stuck. We certainly didn’t want to rip or tear our flash new purchase – but we weren’t sure quite sure what the knack was.

Seeing as this is the age of Youtube and finding any and all answers online, we traipsed back inside to consult our dear friend Google. Much to our dismay our good friend Google couldn’t even help us and we needed to call on the help of some real life friends who were able to give us the visual “how to” that we needed.

The business we bought our tent from (Dwights Outdoors), ended up producing a series of “How To” videos for the set up of canvas tents. These were produced as short videos so the viewer can just look at the one they need rather than to watch a long process that they might already know.

I believe Dwights are a real leader in their industry by having the foresight to produce these videos.

So what are the benefits of “How To” videos?

1. They are generally easier to produce than other types of videos, as the process is usually sequential in order.

2. It’s economical to produce a series of short videos giving more Bang for Buck.

3. It sets you and your business up as “the expert”.

4. Consumers are more likely to purchase a product once they’ve seen that product in action.

5. Having a visual explanation of “how to”, will mean less product returns and problems, whilst increasing customer satisfaction.

6. You will have multiple videos to be found on Youtube, your website and across the web.

7. Anyone looking to know “how to” do something, can then be easily directed to your website, product or store as part of the process of watching the video – giving your business an opportunity to engage the potential client.

8. After the purchase of a product, the buyer now has a reason to go back to your website – meaning your business can continue to engage the client.

9. Video is mobile. The “how to” instructions can be taken anywhere – even on camping holidays!

10. Brand messages are strengthened.

There are certainly very tangible results to be had from creating “How To” or “Tips and Tricks” videos. In future blogs, we will address some of these benefits individually. Be sure to click on the subscribe button to receive future blog posts, newsletters and information from Bullseye Productions NZ.

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