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Should I use DIY Video?

I have heard it said that it is better to have an unprofessional video than no video at all.

I have heard it said that it is better to have no video at all than to have a bad video.

Obviously it is better to have a high quality video specifically aimed at the results you want to achieve than either of the above options.

But in my blog today I want to address the first two arguments.

In reality either of these statements can be true. Here are a few questions to help you decide if your homemade video is going to be appropriate for sharing as a part of your business.

  • What’s the purpose of your video? Will it be for promotional purposes, anecdotal purposes, is it an instructional video or a vlog?

  • What is the platform you will be using? Do you intend on using this video on social media, on your website, at a conference or across the board?

  • What equipment are you using? It’s perfectly fine to use an iphone or likewise to film a video. A bit of know-how will go a long way though.

  • Who are your target audience? Is your audience going to be the people who attended an event you ran, or are they a professional audience you are wanting to sell a concept or product to?

A promotional video of your product or service is when you really want to put your best foot forward. This is probably not the time to use a homemade video that you shot with your phone or handycam. A promotional video is the time to show what an excellent business or product you have. Don’t degrade it with a shonky video. Whether this is for your website or showing at a conference, how you present yourself is important.

Think of it as the difference between wearing your weekend clothes or wearing your professional clothes.

An anecdotal video for Facebook or social media might be okay if it is clearly homemade. People will enjoy watching a short, personal experience as long as they don’t feel woozy in the process. For example, a short clip of GoPro footage from a weekend event will still attract engagement as everyone wants to see if they are in it. The important thing to remember here is to not try and pretend your video is professional. If it’s homemade, be proud of it and clearly say “here’s some footage I took”.

Yes, you can use your iphone. Did you know that even some professional videos are shot using phones? Crazy but true. A Bently Motors video was shot primarily using an Iphone 5s. You can be sure though that there was a lot more equipment and expertise used than just a phone. What about something more realisitc?

Remember Richard Dunn and his “All By Myself” airport video. I still laugh when I think about it - the sign of a good video. Clearly this man knew what he was doing. He used his iphone to shoot his video while stuck at the airport – all by his self. But here’s the thing - he has a video production background. He knew how he was going to put it together when he got back to the editing suite and had the skills to do this well.

Many vlogs are filmed using phones and I believe that this is perfectly acceptable.The old adage that "Content is King" applies here. If your material is good then people will forgive a few imperfections. Make sure you use a tripod, get some good advice on lighting, sound and how your background set should look. Colours and patterns make a difference too.

We would love to know your thoughts.

Have you used a homemade video either successfully or unsuccessfully for your business?

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