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How Video Can Save You Time

When we think about video, we usually think about it in terms of the marketing value, the branding exercise, and the communication of important messages.

Being the wonderful tool that it is, videos can also save us time!

Here are three ways that you can use video to save time.

Reduce staff induction time

Staff inductions can often be a time consuming process yet they are vital to ensure that new staff are up to speed and working effectively. Workplace procedures need to be clear and understood for many reasons. Health and safety, workplace policies, security, administration and more.

Every time a new induction takes place, a staff member is required to put aside the length of time of the training – taking them away from other tasks that are important to the business.

Whether your staff induction is normally half an hour or two days long, a video or series of videos is certainly going to:

  • Reduce the employee time spent completing the induction (1 hour could effectively be reduced to 10 minutes)

  • Free up the time of the person who normally facilitates the induction

  • Ensure every piece of information is relayed ALL of the time

  • Creates consistency across the induction process.

Explaining the “heart” of your business or organisation

Often times it is important to share with others the reason your organisation or business exists. You want people to really understand the passion and vision that you have, or the importance of what it is that you do. Face to face conversations are always valuable and a lot can be shared by meeting people. They can read your body language, they can pick up on the excitement in your voice.

A good video can go places that you don’t have time to go! The viewer, who you are wanting to gain the “buy in” from is able to see those things that matter. Your body language. Your tone. What is even more effective is that they can also see your vision in action. This means your video can communicate even more than you could in person.

Save time by:

  • Emailing multiple recipients who can hear your message

  • Reducing travel time and expenses. A trip to another town to convey your heart takes a lot of time and expense.

  • Being succinct – a picture speaks a thousand words - video speaks even more. Your video can say in 5 minutes what might take you 30 minutes in person.

“How To” videos

We made a series of “how to” videos for a business who makes tents. Every summer, the owner was inundated with phone calls about “how to” assemble parts of the tent. A tricky “over the phone” conversation would then follow with neither party really being sure they were understanding the other.

Being able to direct customers to Instructional or How To videos significantly reduced the spent of time spent in explanations.

The benefits of this are:

  • You save time – no more explaining needed

  • Your customer is going to be visiting your website again

  • The customer will be happy because they can now see exactly what it is they need to do and will spend less time figuring it out.

The benefits of digital video are endless. Saving time often results in saving money….but that’s a topic for another blog!

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